Training and Education

You have been a student at different points of your life, do you recall what that was like? Do you remember the awkward stages of youth or the peer pressure? Maybe it was hard for you to understand  certain concepts. Recall preparing for the ACT, SAT or any other comprehensive exams? Do you have kids in college? Know of someone working on an advanced degree with a spouse and children in the picture?

Maybe you know of people in training for new jobs during these tough economic times. Do you know of people in training for volunteer positions? Training on new equipment? Do you know someone who conducts, coordinates, and plans training sessions? How about our teachers and the pastors in our lives?

Now that list you have a list of people in your mind, pray for them in terms of training and education.

And then ask God to show you where He is training you. He is likely growing you for a yet unknown task. Are you a willing student? Are you willing to learn from the Master and Creator who knows and loves you intimately?

What is Your Prayer Perspective?

God has provided you with a unique prayer perspective based on your station in life and all of your experiences. God can use all of your adventures (both good and bad) to nurture your heart for prayer. For example, if there is divorce in your family, you have thoughts regarding how it impacts and family, relationships, etc. If you were abused as a child, you likely have a heart for victims of abuse and, due to your circumstances, you have a unique perspective.

There are people God has placed in my life that either need or have requested prayers for a variety of situations, some I relate to well, others I can only imagine the difficulties. I have found that when I just ponder a circumstance, as little as I may know about it, God will bring to mind different angles of the situation that could use prayer.

My mom died after a long battle with cancer. At the moment, I have a prayer perspective for people supporting their parents as they age, navigating all the medical issues, dealing with an estate, being long distance in all of this, trying to keep the siblings connected, being supportive to stressed siblings, etc…..

Think about the things that you have experienced in your life and how God can turn those into a ‘prayer perspective’ for someone in a similar situation. A general prayer is great–I see it as a sketch. But when I think of covering someone in prayer, I think of covering the angles that I see (from my perspective) and it is like coloring in the prayer.

What are PrayerPoints?

I am so glad you asked!!!!

PrayerPoints are points for prayer that you are invited to consider for the day. They may apply to your life or they may be an angle of struggle you have no experience with. You will find that some appeal to you while others are not so amazing. I try not to get too hung up on the grammatical aspect. The real point of PrayerPoints is to encourage you to engage in prayer. PrayerPoints are just a little reminder to pray. We all know there are a zillion and one things to pray about and just thinking about it all can sometimes be overwhelming. PrayerPoints are simply starting points for prayer. You take it from there.

The heart of prayer is the communication and connection with God. We were created by Him to long for that connection with Him. Sometimes it’s as simple as responding to a nudge from God to lift someone in prayer. Othertimes you will find that as you are reading God’s Word, He gives you a direction for prayer. There are times the words of a song can become a prayer. There are also any number of online sources, devotional books, and prayer journals with encouragement and perspectives on prayer. Resources are plentiful (I have lots!) but incomplete if you don’t actually engage in prayer.

So, PrayerPoint is a little journey God is directing in my life. If you are interested in joining me on this journey, grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat.

In His love,