A Step Ahead

In the book of Acts, Barnabas mentors Paul. Later, Paul mentors Timothy. There is always someone ahead of you on the road in life and there is always someone coming up behind you on the path.

Are you willing to share what you’ve learned?

If you know of a great spot to stop or an important place to avoid, you probably share that information with someone who is looking for recommendations. In life, there are many opportunities to give someone a “heads up” as they are on their way. Sometimes it’s encouragement and other times it is a word of caution. Maybe all you can do is listen and pray for them.

Are you willing to learn from others?

Likewise, there are times you are in a place where you can look to others who have been on a similar road. Maybe you are dealing with a wayward child, an aging parent, or a difficult crossroad in life – do you seek wise counsel? It may be that all they can do is listen and pray for you. But being heard and prayed for might be just what you need to provide encouragement for your journey.

At any point in life we can encourage, caution, and take heed. There is always someone who has been where we are going. And there is always someone who is headed to the place we just came through.

God loves when we care enough for His people to share His love and grace and promises with them. We might only be “a step ahead” but sometimes our presence is all the encouragement someone needs!

Heavenly Father ~ help me to listen to those ahead and be willing to share Your good words with those who are coming up from behind! Amen.

On the Road!      ~ Liz


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