What is Remembered?

We spent the day at a Hungarian festival in Phoenix yesterday. There was delicious food, great music, a wonderful family atmosphere, and the carrying on of some fun Hungarian traditions!

Woodcarver from Hungary
The Hungarian Crest

I had the opportunity to meet with several customers face-to-face that I only knew from phone calls and emails and that is always a special time. I have never been to Phoenix before so it was interesting to run into so many people I “knew” or knew about me. Some people knew about the festival and came because I mentioned it in my e-newsletter. The best feedback from a newsletter is some sort of action — and people attending a festival they didn’t know about before they read my newsletter means I am doing my job. I don’t know the names of everyone who receives the Magyar Marketing newsletter so it is always good to see the action of participation.

One particular gentleman came up to our booth and said something like “Are you Elizabeth’s daughter?” Well, I did have to go around and greet him because I love running into people that knew my mom —  they usually have a sweet story to share.

Let me explain first that there have been several times Hungarians have come from Hungary to resettle to the United States. One of those times was in 1956-1957 following the Hungarian Revolution. Another time was in the 1980s and my mom helped resettle refugees during both times.

So, this gentleman came to the United States as a Hungarian refugee in 1982 and started off in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Naturally, he loved my mom! He said, “I looked at the name of the business and I looked at you and I knew you were her daughter!” So we took a few photos, I gave him a quick hug, and he went off to enjoy the festival.

My mom was definitely one-of-a-kind! She was smart, forward-thinking, and loved helping people — not just Hungarian immigrants, although she definitely had a heart for them. Those who remember her remember stories of her service, compassionate and gentle spirit, quiet faith, and love for people.

What will you be remembered for?

Every snapshot of my life isn’t pretty, so I am sure there will be some people who don’t think happy thoughts about me. Of course, we are all works in progress.But my prayer is that I am remembered by most who knew me as showing God’s love and grace, among other things.

On the Road,



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