Lord, be with…

All of those struggling with weather related issues. All around the world there are natural disasters that destroy lives and property. Be with those who have experienced that kind of loss — property, employment, health, and loved ones. Dealing with insurance companies is exhausting, but not having insurance creates other challenges.

Help us show Your love and provision as we step up to help our neighbor. Give us eyes to see the needs arounds us — in our community, state, and in our world. How can we better share our resources to lighten the burdens that other bear?


Today I lift up…

Lord, thank you for your wisdom and provision in our daily lives.

Today I am praying for parents of young children who are battling sleep deprivation and illness and all the things that come with parenting little ones. I remember mostly enjoying those days even though they seemed long and full of activity. Please bless those who are married as well as those who are not. Help the communication between the involved parties be helpful and productive. May the children of each home feel they are loved and valued by their parents.

I am also praying for parents of not-quite-adult and adult children – sometimes those relationships are easy. Sometimes they are fraught with complications. Lord, you know — we are Your adult children and we are incredibly complicated, insensitive, selfish, confused, and all that. Help us to respond appropriately to conflict.

Let’s also pray for those who are helping their aging parents. It’s another interesting dynamic that causes difficulties and divisions.


Father, be with…

all the people in my life who are struggling with various difficulties:

my friend who recently had heart transplant surgery…

my friends whose daughter recently died from an accidental overdose…

my family members whose spouses both died within the last year…

my family members whose parents have recently died…

my friend who is struggling with serious depression and adjusting to medications…

my neighbor who had a cancerous kidney removed recently…

my friends who are struggling with finances and employment…

my friends dealing with the needs of aging parents…

my friends who have been struggling with heart issues and procedures and lack of energy…

my friend’s mother-in-law’s recent tumor scare…

and those who have not shared their struggles…


I don’t always sit well with those who are grieving. I think it is because I feel so much of their pain that I don’t know what to do with those feelings. However, just because I may not be a helpful presence, it doesn’t mean that these people and their struggles are not at the top of my mind and prayer list. I turn my deep feelings into prayers on behalf of those struggling. We all know people who are struggling with deep grief. How do you share that burden with your friends and family?

Dear Lord…

Today I am praying for all of the people I am related to by blood or law. It’s such a long list. I am not sure how often some of these folks pray — for themselves or others — because everyone is in a different place in their relationship with God and it is my privilege to pray for them! I love them each and so I pray for :

their relationship with God, May they grow in their knowledge of His love for them and their need for a Savior.

perseverance through trials

physical health

mental and emotional health

good relationships with the people they love and care about

their jobs and studies

I typically start with my husband, our children, and the grandchildren. Then I move on to my siblings and their spouses and their children. Then my husband’s siblings and spouses and children and grandchildren. Then the living aunts and uncles on both sides and then all the cousins and their families. Then I move onto the next round of second and third cousins on my side and then to those on Don’s side. I don’t necessarily list everyone’s names the further down the line I go because I actually don’t know or remember all the kids of all the cousins but I typically will say the head of the family and ask God to bless those who fall under that family line. Honestly, it all depends on the time I have that day. And it may not always be a formal prayer time. If they cross my mind during a day, I might just ask God to bless their day and their situation. Formal prayer time is great, but I would rather think of my day as one long conversation with God.

Dear Heavenly Father…

The birds are singing so sweetly this morning. The coffee tastes great. And I am thankful to be back home after a week of traveling for work.

Please be with all those who are running small, family businesses! From the day-to-day details to the big picture plan to the finances — t’s a lot to juggle, particularly in the last three years with all of the pandemic challenges.

Please grant Your wisdom in decisions and the energy and discernment about where the efforts should be invested. Help the people who are looking for particular goods and services find the businesses that match their needs. Help satisfied customers share their experiences so positive words are circulating and a good reputation grows stronger.

And, finally, help the business owners to be able to rest. The last several years has taken quite a bit of energy in trying to figure out what can work with supply chain and other restrictions. Thank you for always providing and paving the way!


Heavenly Father…

Please be with those we know who are struggling with physical and mental illness. Please be with the doctors as they diagnose and treat. Please be with the patient as their bodies and minds respond to the medication and therapy and head towards healing. Please be with friends and family members who love and support and encourage the patient.

We ask for Your love and compassion to be poured out on those who are learning that their condition is incurable. May they find comfort in You and, if they don’t know You, may they be drawn to You. May we find ways to be of service to those who are walking this road in our circle.

Only You know the number of our days. May we have courage to share our faith in You when we are in a position to, entrusting those we love into Your care and continue to intercede for them even if their hearts are not ready to receive You. May we never grow weary of interceding for others. Give us eyes to see the needs of those around us.


In spite of…

In spite of ________________ [list all of the negatives things that could be stated], I am thankful for ____________ [fill in the blank with anything that is a positive].

In keeping with this current theme of giving thanks, I am working on how often I complain about anything. It isn’t that there aren’t things to complain about, but I am often a “glass half full person” until I am in a rut and I am not. I do not like those ruts. Just like those ruts in the road, this complaining attitude works its way into my mind and heart and quickly spills out of my mouth.

I think it is ok to point out the difficult, unfortunate, and unhelpful things about a situation. But I like to temper it with anything positive. There may be nothing good about a circumstance, but there are still things to be thankful for. They do not have to be related at all to the challenging situation and sometimes they are not, because there are some hard, hard things that happen in life.

But I know God is working. And I am thankful for His daily gifts, for the people in my life, for His saving grace through Jesus. What is on your list of things to be thankful for? The key to becoming more thankful is to express more appreciation and “give thanks”.

What are you thankful for today?

Thank you for today…

There is so much to be thankful for.

And if I get stuck in a place where I can’t see it, I start to shrivel. This is why staying tethered to God is so important for me. If I lose sight of Him, I miss His perspective. Not that I ever truly have God’s point of view entirely, but when I am able to entrust Him with my day, my needs, and my concerns and know that He is taking care of the details, I can be thankful. When I get caught up in my concerns, I get lost.

As I start this day, I am thankful God goes before me. Whatever unfolds for the day, He is there with me and walks alongside me. When my heart believes this, I can look at the day as a gift to learn and grow, I can learn more about God and I can learn more about myself and the ways God is growing me.

Thank you, Lord, for today!

The gift of family

I have been gifted with some wonderful family members. While we certainly don’t all agree on everything, there are common bonds of family history and relatives. There are various degrees of genetic connection to these “relations” and, of course, there are some who have no genetic relationship but we are connected “in law”. There are some “in laws” who really know how to be family. What a blessing.

I am thankful to be surrounded by such diverse and wonderful people.

And then there are other folks who are not related to you by blood or law and yet they feel like all the good things about family. They are in your life because they choose to be. And, sometimes, they know us better than family. There is not an obligation to connect, it just is such a natural thing. A relationship so natural and frequent that sometimes the kids think they are cousins because of the amount of time together, and it just seemed easier to have them referred to using something more familiar like “Aunt Mary” and “Uncle Don” instead of the more formal “Mr. ________ or Mrs. ________”.

I am thankful for the people I love in my life, whether or not we are technically related. God seems to bring just who I need in my life at just the right time.


A while back I noticed something that I had liked to wear was nowhere to be found. When I tried to recall the last time I wore it, I couldn’t remember. When did it disappear? How could something I wear on the regular just vaporize? What a mystery!

Off and on I have thought about this item, but not ever long enough to stop what I was doing and go on the hunt for it to track it down. It just popped in my mind and seemed to leave almost as quickly. But then I really started to get curious about it. Where could it be? So I asked my youngest daughter. She remembered it — it was just a sweater — but she hadn’t seen it.

At this point, my desire to pinpoint the location of this item stepped more into the limelight. I went through the hanging clothes in my closet, one by one. I looked on the floor of the closet to see if it fell off the hanger. And I checked my coat-turned-sweater rack. Nope.

But, the other day, I was packing for an event and went hunting for some tablecloths. Thankfully, I had remembered seeing them while doing something else so I knew exactly where they were. But while I was gathering that stuff, I noticed something else that I could use for the event and then, low and behold, there was that missing sweater. Woohoo! I retraced how it got to that spot and it made perfect sense. Another person was involved and it boiled down to I was going to deal with that box later and later was much later than I intended.

This is just a little example of how my brain works and it really isn’t the main focus of the story. The human brain is buzzing with so many things and keeping something and someone “top of mind” is often a challenge.

But God….

He doesn’t get distracted or waylaid in His search for His sheep. He is not forgetful. He is not late. He is always available, eager to communicate. There is no need to make an appointment or “get ready” to meet with Him. As much as a human loves and cares for you, God operates at another level. The process of me seeking this crazy sweater just happened to remind me that God is and has always been there.

Thank you, Father, for meeting me, wherever I am!