The pause that refreshes!

Instead of doing a little bit each day, we have chosen to travel by doing some really big days with at least a full day off. Yesterday was a big day. We crossed another time zone and traveled through some barren lands in west Texas. The soil turned red and then changed to sandy. There was flat land and then some hills. I even got a notification on my phone about the phone rates in Mexico. We weren’t quite in Mexico, but we were close. When we arrived in Silver City, New Mexico we were very happy to find our hotel and get out of the vehicle. We needed to stretch! Thankfully, we won’t have another really long day in the car until next Monday but we will have full days between now and then. While we are in this area of the U.S. we want to explore. New Mexico and Arizona are new states for me so I am pretty excited!

Sometimes, the journey we are on is full of long days and we need to create our places where we take a break. There is only so far we can drive; only so much we can negotiate. Going further and faster isn’t something everyone can do. It all depends on our goal for the journey but our bodies, minds, souls, and hearts need a break and need to be refreshed.

Where can we go for refreshment?


CWwGod’s Word refreshes! God’s Word can provide encouragement for any journey. Even though The Book was written so many years before my life, I am always amazed at how His words can convict, comfort, and cleanse me!

God built in rest for us as through the Sabbath. Sadly, it is too easy in our world to be so caught up in achieving bigger, better, and more that we skip the Sabbath and wonder why we are exhausted. But as we turn our attention to God, we gain His perspective.

Heavenly Father – Draw me to you. Your refreshment is vital to my life! Amen.

On the Road,


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