Hello Friend! Day Nine

Hello Friend!

I don’t have the illusion or goal to excel in all I do. I think that is impossible. There is a balance between forever striving and resting in what God is doing. I am looking for that balance! And I am so thankful for the hope I have in Jesus!

I regularly make mistakes — some more costlier than others. My selfishness and humanness get in the way of how I want to be!

I disappoint the people in my life.

I disappoint myself.

Sometimes I get caught up aiming for perfection. And other times I need to spend a little more time making sure the fine details are addressed. And too often I forget that I am a human being. I will not be able to respond perfectly to every circumstance. I need grace — every day.

I was not a perfect child, perfect student, perfect friend, perfect spouse, or perfect parent. And I don’t know that any of us can truly say we are perfect at much. However, I am perfectly loved and forgiven by the God who knows my name and draws me close, even with all my imperfections. What a comfort to me! I am loved, even with all my blunders!

Knowing God and His promises and trusting in Him calms my fears. But realizing I am not in control is definitely a daily surrender. Sometimes it is hourly! I lay my concerns and my needs at His feet and rest in the work He is doing.

May you overflow with hope!


One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Nine

  1. Your prayerpoints are such a wonderful addition to my life, I too forget to focus on our Lord and try to do everything on my own. Not a good scenario… but, thanks be to God, He never forgets, He forgives and straightens out the rough paths in front of me. I need to remember to let go and let God. I keep trying to focus on one of Gods most miraculous creations, chloroplasts. They are all around us, unseen, unappreciated and totally necessary to our very lives. They are the microscopic parts of leaves that produce the color green that we see and the oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor that we don’t and need on a daily basis. When I get too focused on being busy I try to look at a leaf and remember who is in charge in this universe. Told you I am a science teacher!

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