When preparing for guests, I would prefer to eliminate clutter but, I don’t always get around to it. Of course, guests are usually coming to see me and not my home. But I know I relax more when things are calm around me. But if we have a strong relationship, it truly doesn’t matter.

I know some people think they need to clean up their lives before they respond to Jesus. But He loves us before things are, in our limited perspective, neat and tidy. Jesus comes into the mess and the stress of our lives and loves anyway.

I hope we all have friends who can drop in without an announcement and be welcomed instead of being mortified and embarrassed that things aren’t up to perfection. Those who know me know they are going to get a little clutter, even if their visit is announced. Jesus knows it, too. He comes to redeem, restore, and renew. He sees through the clutter of our hearts and lives and shows us what is essential. He isn’t looking for perfection, He is perfection.

Come, Lord Jesus!

PrayerPoints are an opportunity for me to pause and consider where my heart is this holiday season. Thank you for reading along and thinking about it too!

Hello Friend! Day Nine

Hello Friend!

I don’t have the illusion or goal to excel in all I do. I think that is impossible. There is a balance between forever striving and resting in what God is doing. I am looking for that balance! And I am so thankful for the hope I have in Jesus!

I regularly make mistakes — some more costlier than others. My selfishness and humanness get in the way of how I want to be!

I disappoint the people in my life.

I disappoint myself.

Sometimes I get caught up aiming for perfection. And other times I need to spend a little more time making sure the fine details are addressed. And too often I forget that I am a human being. I will not be able to respond perfectly to every circumstance. I need grace — every day.

I was not a perfect child, perfect student, perfect friend, perfect spouse, or perfect parent. And I don’t know that any of us can truly say we are perfect at much. However, I am perfectly loved and forgiven by the God who knows my name and draws me close, even with all my imperfections. What a comfort to me! I am loved, even with all my blunders!

Knowing God and His promises and trusting in Him calms my fears. But realizing I am not in control is definitely a daily surrender. Sometimes it is hourly! I lay my concerns and my needs at His feet and rest in the work He is doing.

May you overflow with hope!


Wiggle Room

view of river and nature

Today’s PrayerPoint ~ Wiggle Room

There are times when having some wiggle room is imperative and there are other times when it is downright dangerous and it is very important to discern the difference between those two types of situations.

Being a personality that is not super precise, I have a tendency to like wiggle room. I can get close and that is usually good enough for me. In fact, it is good enough for most of the things I do. Precision is not my game. Striving for perfection is overrated and darn near impossible anyway so I aim to get close or “in the ball park”.

I do, however, recognize and value precision in certain situations. If we are talking space shuttles and airplanes you can bet I want things to be precise. When people place an order with my business, it is important for them to get the products they requested. Additionally, there are several of people in my life that like or need precision so I do make the effort when I need to.

Given that I like “wiggle room” it is a huge deal that I have come to appreciate boundaries. I think the concept of boundaries became more important to me as we started to have children. When I think of those who really like perfection I suspect it is a huge switch for them when they have children. But anytime you deal with people, older or younger, you are dealing with varying personalities and truly you only have control over yourself and your reaction to the situations around you.

I do like wiggle room but I also like to know when the line is drawn that it is a firm line.

What about you? Do you have a preference for yourself? Do you like to work with one type of personality over another? Do you see the benefits of both?

I think the diversity in personalities makes life so much more interesting (as well as challenging). While I generally like myself, I wouldn’t want the whole world to operate like me because it would be a little chaotic! Take time to think about the incredible variety of personalities in your life and be thankful for the diversity, even if it brings challenges once in a while. Maybe there is something you can learn from the personality that is “opposite” of yours. Hopefully you will grow to appreciate their needs and perspectives!


It is so easy to be moved from being satisfied to dissatisfaction when we allow our own or someone else’s expectations run the show.

Not all expectations are bad. I am referring to the expectation that you will be able to pull off the unrealistic perfect family gathering this weekend! We see those photos in ads where there aren’t any dirty dishes or dust bunnies and every outfit blends or coordinates with every outfit in the photo and all of that is accented by the perfect food, makeup, and….well, the list goes on. Media and advertising have painted unrealistic and unattainable “picture perfect” moments for us to try to reproduce in our own homes.

Can you imagine how long it takes to set up those photo shoots?

And when we aren’t able to pull it off we become dissatisfied with what we have.

Don’t do it. Don’t go there.

Folks, it isn’t happening at our house. We won’t be serving perfection but we are serving love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. We have been busy with life so we might be a wee bit tired and the house isn’t perfectly clean. We didn’t buy new dresses. We probably won’t be color coordinated but we will be enjoying one another’s company. When it is time to share the big meal, my goal is for all the food to be ready at the same time but even that isn’t always easy.

Expectations. Sometimes they kill the joy of the moment!

God sent Jesus in an unexpected way to save ordinary people like you and me. Jesus died an unimaginable death to set things right with God on our behalf. This isn’t the picture perfect situation by the world’s standards but God’s love for us is perfect, so this evidence of God’s love is perfection.

God has given you His all. Ask Him to open your eyes and heart to be satisfied with all He is and all He is doing.

Thank You, Father, for Your perfect love!