Hello Friend! Day Eight

Hello Friend!

I stepped out from regular life for a couple of days. I was in a prayer zone while awaiting the birth of a new little baby in my life.

Have you ever stepped away from life for while?

All those regular routines and typical things that fill my day were cast aside. I holed up and hunkered down. Sometimes it is easier to be distracted by regular tasks while waiting but I was only really able to watch and pray.

And then pray some more!

I think it is important to change up routines. It helps me think about what is truly essential. It helps me re-evaluate what is important and how my time and efforts should be directed. And, when there is a huge change in routine, like when waiting in a hospital, prayer is one of those important opportunities that comes to the surface! There is nothing like knowing you are not in control and giving it all to God.

And there is nothing quite like a new baby to remind you how beautiful and fragile life is!


One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Eight

  1. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS, BEST WISHES AND, WELCOME, WELCOME LITTLE ONE! Never ever say to me that you stepped out of life to pray about life changing events, especially happy and stressful ones. Being prayerful at times like these is being in life for believers. Do I understand? Of course I do! Especially when the there is happy news to come from it! Before I began to lose my hearing I was a Registered Nurse, working primarily in the Emergency Room. So I know better than most the power of prayer having seen the effects first hand. So, to wrap up, this news is wonderful, I pray dear friend, that all is well with baby, mother, father , grandparents ,aunts, sisters, brothers, uncles … you get the picture. But never forget, pictures are required! Congratulations.

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