Hello Friend! Day Ten

Hello Friend!

They say “Confession is good for the soul!” I believe it! And it is a biblical concept.

Getting the dirty stuff of our thoughts and actions out in the open through confession allows the light and healthy air get to it. If it is left in the dark, it festers and grows. When we choose to remain in “the dark” our countenance changes — we get suspicious of others and our selfishness increases.

Confession is great but even better is when we can have confession and absolution — the formal release from our guilt. When we hear the forgiveness we are so desperate for, it sets us free. We may never hear it from the one we directly offended and while that is restorative, it isn’t a requirement. Confessing to one another is a part of healing. Confessing to God and receiving His forgiveness is life giving.

Humility is one of the pieces to confession. Arrogance has no place. And if I ever decide to withhold forgiveness, I only need to go as far as myself and my sins and it will cut me short. Who am I to withhold forgiveness? A closer look at my own attitude toward forgiving others says a lot about my relationship with God.

Healing is the goal. Maybe walking through the process of needing to forgive another is how God helps us understand the process for forgiving ourselves!


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