Wiggle Room

view of river and nature

Today’s PrayerPoint ~ Wiggle Room

There are times when having some wiggle room is imperative and there are other times when it is downright dangerous and it is very important to discern the difference between those two types of situations.

Being a personality that is not super precise, I have a tendency to like wiggle room. I can get close and that is usually good enough for me. In fact, it is good enough for most of the things I do. Precision is not my game. Striving for perfection is overrated and darn near impossible anyway so I aim to get close or “in the ball park”.

I do, however, recognize and value precision in certain situations. If we are talking space shuttles and airplanes you can bet I want things to be precise. When people place an order with my business, it is important for them to get the products they requested. Additionally, there are several of people in my life that like or need precision so I do make the effort when I need to.

Given that I like “wiggle room” it is a huge deal that I have come to appreciate boundaries. I think the concept of boundaries became more important to me as we started to have children. When I think of those who really like perfection I suspect it is a huge switch for them when they have children. But anytime you deal with people, older or younger, you are dealing with varying personalities and truly you only have control over yourself and your reaction to the situations around you.

I do like wiggle room but I also like to know when the line is drawn that it is a firm line.

What about you? Do you have a preference for yourself? Do you like to work with one type of personality over another? Do you see the benefits of both?

I think the diversity in personalities makes life so much more interesting (as well as challenging). While I generally like myself, I wouldn’t want the whole world to operate like me because it would be a little chaotic! Take time to think about the incredible variety of personalities in your life and be thankful for the diversity, even if it brings challenges once in a while. Maybe there is something you can learn from the personality that is “opposite” of yours. Hopefully you will grow to appreciate their needs and perspectives!

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