When preparing for guests, I would prefer to eliminate clutter but, I don’t always get around to it. Of course, guests are usually coming to see me and not my home. But I know I relax more when things are calm around me. But if we have a strong relationship, it truly doesn’t matter.

I know some people think they need to clean up their lives before they respond to Jesus. But He loves us before things are, in our limited perspective, neat and tidy. Jesus comes into the mess and the stress of our lives and loves anyway.

I hope we all have friends who can drop in without an announcement and be welcomed instead of being mortified and embarrassed that things aren’t up to perfection. Those who know me know they are going to get a little clutter, even if their visit is announced. Jesus knows it, too. He comes to redeem, restore, and renew. He sees through the clutter of our hearts and lives and shows us what is essential. He isn’t looking for perfection, He is perfection.

Come, Lord Jesus!

PrayerPoints are an opportunity for me to pause and consider where my heart is this holiday season. Thank you for reading along and thinking about it too!

One thought on “Clutter

  1. Yippeee! I am not the only one with clutter! So instead of keeping everything at once I will de-clutter gradually and seek Jesus wholeheartedly. Hugs and kisses to the grandbabies!

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