Back to Basics

I was just getting into a decent rhythm but it has been shaken up a bit with this incredible health crisis. How about you? However, I am extraordinarily appreciative of the downtime but I still feel a bit scattered.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1

I find it very hard to focus on things at the moment. Our two youngest are staying with us which helps provide entertainment and distraction. They are funny people. But I need to come up with a temporary routine as we shelter-in-place in Indiana.

I do love how the world is coming together to share resources — from penguins walking around zoos so people can see the animals to illustrators giving video lessons to read alouds through the libraries. Churches who have not moved to the digital age are stepping out there and learning new things for their members. People are giving what they can in new ways! Let’s embrace and share those good things!

As for me, I am not full of fear but I am full of unknowns. I am waiting it out — all of it! Times are interesting, that is for sure.

Step away from the news. Hunker down in your homes. Cook new things. Try your hand at creating. Check in with the people you love!

And pray without ceasing…..

3 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Thanks for your wise and comforting words. Today I am grateful that we have foods, sunny weather to go outside. We’re trying to have a family dinner night on Thursdays, but it’s just the 5 of us. We pray for everyone whose jobs are on shaky ground. We will get through this, but with sacrifices. Peace be with you.

  2. To say I am not concerned by this pandemic is a lie, I am concerned, I am in the ‘vulnerable group” age 66 years, I have a chronic disease that puts me in higher category., where I live does and does not help, we have very few resources up here, a mountain town in California, yet people are traveling here to find a refuge or a place to play at leisure activities not realizing they are increasing the spread of this virus. The leisure activities are on hold, restaurants are closed as is the movie theater, hiking trails are closed, as are rental accomodations, food is in short supply because “out of towners” come up buy as much as possible spread the virus even more then leave. There is a high number of retirees here and very limited medical facilities, one small hospital without a Intensive Care Unit and even more limited transport for a large number of patients to an Intensive Care Unit “down the hill”. But on the positive side I do not have many neighbors, there are a large number of vacation homes around and the air is thinner, so the intensity of the sun is stronger,strong enough to actually destroy microorganisms in the soil. It is possible that sunlight exposure reduces the activity of viruses up here. Pluses and minuses all the way around. I am focusing on both, using every technique I can to minimize my contact with CoViD19, keeping my immune system as healthy as possible. On the positive side I am taking advantage of everything I can, daily walks when weather allows and seeking new employment tutoring online! Prayer? Of course!!! My constant refuge from all the craziness that can happen, my place of spiritual well being, myplace of reflecting on God’s greatest gift to believers my Savior , Jesus. Stay well friends , keep a social distance, wash your hands and visit via the Internet!

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