Music soothes my heart and soul and Fernando Ortega always hits the spot. Of course, he is singing about Jesus and that is the main reason this song is amazing. If you need some Jesus in your playlist, I encourage you to look into Fernando.

And, quite honestly, we all need Jesus in our playlist.

How are you doing during these days of social distancing? We are taking it pretty seriously at our house. We are doing our part to minimize the spread of this crazy virus. I hope you are too!

I do think restrictions and downtime allow for more creative expression. Otherwise, people are just busy running to and fro. It has been great to see so much creativity and generosity showing up in my Facebook feed. This is the time when Facebook can really shine. And what a crazy situation that is bringing the whole world together even though we have to be very separate. What a dichotomy!

Today, let’s lift up in prayer those who are in the medical field and facing this virus every day. Pray they are able to thoroughly clean themselves before they enter their home so they don’t spread the virus. Pray the supply of medical supplies matches the needs. Pray for the researchers — that the world of researchers finds the solution.

For the time being, I will move to PrayerPoints every day instead of just once a week. And I will share some amazing songs by amazing artists each day so we can start the day with some perspective!

God’s peace to you today!

3 thoughts on “Jesus

  1. I see this social isolation as a semi new way of life. For me, now in the high risk category due to age and a chronic respiratory disease, I appreciate standing at least six feet apart if I must go into the public. It also makes me smile, now more people know first hand what it is like to be unable to communicate easily with others, such is the world of the Hearing Impaired, a daily struggle. Reading lips must be done fairly close up, hearing aids are the same. Sort of “welcome to our world” . Not so easy is it? but I am amazed how rigorously my small town is enforcing the social isolation, what is missed most by believers is that our churches are closed. I decided this is what the Apostles had to deal with, spreading Jesus’s message to the world .traveling alone or in very small groups. Why am I any different? So I will try to spread His word by my actions, especially since they speak louder than any words. Be polite, smile, be patient, when needed be firm, but don’t become someone who is not part of the solution. I didn’t know Jesus when He was on Earth but I can read His words, see His handiwork in Nature all around me,I can strive to be what is sung in one of my favorite songs, “Be the Bible Someone Never Read.” All the best! Long distance love to all, and I will put a teddy bear in the window just to make someone smile. (Hopefully not the bear who roams my neighborhood, don’t want to invite any LARGE visitors. This place isn’t called Big Bear for nothing. ) Bye for now!

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