Hello Friend! Day Eleven

Hello Friend!

Have you ever been sucked into something so ugly with such speed you wonder “Where the heck am I and how did I get here?”

It happens. Addictions are evil.

It mainly happens with addiction and it doesn’t have to be ours — it can be someone else’s and it can sometimes change the course of our lives. Instead of the regular things like paying bills and working the job we become familiar with calling the cops, paying fines, court dates, rehabilitation, and the jail system.

We can get sucked in so quickly!

If this is your life, I am so sorry. It is heart wrenching to have someone you love catapulting themselves towards disaster. They are seeking peace for their troubled soul. And you are along for the ride because you love them or think you can help them.

I will pray for you. I will pray for your wisdom and discernment. I will pray for your safety. I will pray you have healthy boundaries.

Sometimes you cannot stop someone who is bent on destruction.


One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Eleven

  1. Sadly I am watching this horrible problem from an outside viewpoint. Sexual addiction and a mental illness is breaking apart what used to be a new family. The mother, if you can call her that is destroying her husband’s and small child’s life by her actions. I do feel sorry for her, after all she is sick, but there isn’t any excuse for her abuse , psychological in this case, destroying a five year old’s life. Her soon to be ex husband is trying the best he can but child welfare laws are too forgiving towards any woman who has given birth to a child. Do i pray for them? Yes, and I pray that the child’s “mother” is permanently forbidden to have any contact with the child. Sound harsh? Unchristian? Yes. But taking a firm stand to protect an innocent child is never easy, I will never stand idly by and watch it happen. Equally sad this same woman is doing everything she can to discredit her ex husband. even going so far as to have him arrested under false pretenses several times. Recently the few people that live in our neighborhood are taking a stand individually to provide the sheriff and Child Protective Services with information that is credible and enlightening, especially to Child Protective Services, I’ve heard the comment too many times that the “poor mother is just afraid her child will be abused” Imagine if you will the look on the Social Workers face when several people came forward at the same time and said almost in unison “How safe is it for that child when his ‘mother ‘ was actively having sex with multiple men when her husband was at work? She started when the little boy was eighteen months old.” There has been a change towards the situation since then. I wish I could say that things have improved but they are going to get much worse except where the child is involved. What the impact on him will only be known in the future. Before I became hearing impaired I was a Registered Nurse working primarily in the Emergency Department. Seeing the destruction violent or addictive behavior first hand changed my acceptance of those actions. I have adopted the attitude “Not on my watch.” Do I pray for people that act this way, yes. Do I forgive them? Yes. Do I allow their irratic behavior in my life? Absolutely NO. I always remember the teaching of a priest I worked with, that sometimes people never see themselves as anything but the center of the universe, never realizing what horror they cause. The lucky ones in these situations either learn to be human or are incarcerated. I wish I had a terrific answer to help in these situations , but I don’t , except to learn to guard your heart and seek the power of the Lord in your everyday life. Liz you are a brave person to bring this widespread problem to the attention of many. This is a ubiquitous situation that crosses all of society. It is no wonder we read in the Bible to “guard your heart, be innocent (not participating in terrible behaviors) and to be brave when they show up. A note to,take heart, that the message of Lord gets through, I’ve been privileged to work with inmates from a state prison who went on to learn a better way of life, it does happen.

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