While it is important for everyone to have their own relationship God, you may have noticed a few people in your life who are still thinking that idea over. They aren’t entirely sure about God, but they continue to check in with you. They might ask you to pray about something. They might seek your words of encouragement or advice. Or they might just like hanging out with you because you they sense something a little different in your countenance or approach to troubles in life.

Oftentimes, the first encounter unbelievers have with God is through believers God places in their path. That is you!

So, yes, pay attention to how you express yourself as well as make sure you are drawing your strength and perspective from the Father and through His Word. God uses these human connection points in so many ways. We need to be ready to be “interrupted” as well as be in community with others. We may never know exactly what God is up to, but we know it will be good things. So that new friend, new co-worker, or new person in your life? They may be there for you, they may be there for their own benefit and growth, but you can be sure that God is using your connection to work on something in them or in you!

God’s blessings on your day!