Create the things you wish existed.

I saw that quote last summer and it caught my attention.

God creates us each with certain abilities and interests, and, as we grow up in life and in faith, we also develop ideas. These ideas about what we like and don’t like can help ignite our interests and, finally, our passions. Our life experiences, and how we respond to them, also help determine where we are headed.

What are you passionate about?

Sometimes passions can become obsessions, so take note of that. I definitely have gone overboard on a thing or two in my life. But, have you thanked God for your innate abilities and your interests? Have you ever asked Him why you have been designed the way you have been designed? Have you asked Him to show you how to best use this unique collection of your gifts, inclinations, and experiences in a way that honors Him? Your perspective, interest, and experience are unique!

You are here for a reason. It doesn’t have to be something the world considers big. But your presence matters. You matter. If you aren’t clear on your next move, ask God to give you the next step. The next right thing, as I have heard. Or even, simply, the next thing.

And then go do it!