There is hope for everyone!

Going to church has not been an easy thing for my brother. His son, who has autism and is fairly non-verbal, absolutely loved going to church, until the pastor left. And, just like that, there was no going back for him. That change was too much. And if you have someone with autism in your life then you know, the slightest change in routine might be cause for an unbelievable amount of stress in the home.

So, they stopped going. And it has been a few years. There are many reasons why people stop going to church.

And there are many reasons why people start going to church — mostly by gentle invitation. The Holy Spirit nudges the heart of a believer. Then there might be an invitation by a friend or family member. Sometimes a new friend or even a stranger can make an invitation that is heard and acted upon. How one is invited and what is heard upon entering tue doors is so important!

The message my brother texted me after I asked how church was this!

Hope! There is Hope for everyone!

And on a day when he felt very discouraged, defeated, and tired, that is what he came away with.

And it’s true! Wherever you are, God is there, fighting for you, walking with you, carrying you, and giving you the strength to take the next step.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. Psalm 62:5 NLT