Creation is all around us! I simply cannot look at some of the amazing animals or the body’s systems or the Earth’s position in the Universe without acknowledging a Creator.

I look at the things people have created and designed through the years and it is also a reminder. God has designed us with amazing creative abilities. Our opportunities to express creativity are endless! What is your favorite thing to create? Do you have a creation you are particularly proud of?

One thought on “Creation

  1. Dear Liz , you better sit down for this one, one of my favorite “creations” is about evolution. When i was still able to teach in the classroom the topic of evolution was required, that in itself is a hotbed of controversy, but I had a “secret weapon” a former riding partner is a retired minister so I asked for advice, I sought out my own pastor and deacon and came up with this plan. The Bible is God’s recorded word, but to be effective it requires thought, interpretation and action from the believer to be meaningful, prayer is required too! I prayed and thought here is what I came up with, evolution is the preprogrammed ability for change in each individual, if those changes are successful for the individual to survive and pass that change on to offspring the changes are passed on. Then I then taught the genetics part of the curriculum and incorporated evolution in with genetics, parents or adults responsible for the students were invited to attend all sessions. Boy oh boy did I get a response! Angry adults ready for a fight and students afraid to enter the classroom, not good. My response was , this is a science class I do not teach theology and if ANYONE WAS AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS MY STUDENTS THEY WILL BE REMOVED. Since a security guard was standing in the doorway, uniformed, gun in holster, there wasn’t any resistance. Then I taught the first lesson in genetics that was designed by an associate teacher to be funny and a hands on puzzle to be completed in ten minutes, everyone had to take part. It worked ,I prayed hard that it would! One of my students father was a minister, and he came knowing from his son that I am a Christian ,he came to help me keep peace and to further understanding, everyone became involved in the puzzle because of his enthusiasm. The anger faded and there were quite a few embarrassed adults. When asked when I was going to teach evolution I told them I just did , it was that first statement written on the chalk board (we really used chalk) and the students knew to copy it down. Time to move on!!! The students knew it was time to put the completed puzzle on the chart wall and interpret their conclusions. Calm adults and quite a few were amazed by their own understanding of the first genetics lesson and the fun they had completing it. Thank You Holy Spirit! Was I scared? You bet! Did the lesson go well? Yes Thanks Be To God it did. The adults did ask me how I came up with the lesson I explained what I had done. They asked me where did the ability for individuals to change come from and I answered truthfully, God designed it all before He Created the universe. Stunned silence. Phew!!!!!!!!!! Long story but significant! When asked if I believed that God created the world in seven days I answered that it was vain to think that God’s time is the same as ours, then quoted from the Bible God’s time is not our own. Well, that is still one of my favorite “creations”. Loonnngg posting but wow, was that one that sticks with me!!!! Hope all is well with you and yours, sadly CoViD9 is spreading here like . dare I say it,wildfire, keep vigilant this pandemic isn’t over yet. Take care and blessings to you all.

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