Goodness is always found in what God is doing in our lives. His goodness is sure, even as there are struggles and incredibly painful days. Sometimes His goodness is found in the simplest gift or thoughtful deed. It might come from an unexpected place.

This world has its challenges, but being on the lookout for goodness, particularly God’s goodness, is an essential part of my every day!


Sometimes, I need to step away from a situation to see it with fresh eyes. A “refresh” if you will. I often refresh my newsfeed or my email – and it gives me something new to see or focus on. How much more important is it to “refresh” how I look at things, particularly from God’s perspective.

“Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.”

What is something you love when it is fresh?


Creation is all around us! I simply cannot look at some of the amazing animals or the body’s systems or the Earth’s position in the Universe without acknowledging a Creator.

I look at the things people have created and designed through the years and it is also a reminder. God has designed us with amazing creative abilities. Our opportunities to express creativity are endless! What is your favorite thing to create? Do you have a creation you are particularly proud of?