We all have them, to be sure.

Sometimes ours loom large and we hear about others and we think, “What are they even complaining about?”

There are things we’ve done and things we haven’t done. There are things we miss and things we missed out on. It can be a challenge to navigate the emotions that come with disappointments and not get caught up in the spiral downward into “and there is this and that, too….”

Of course, God is big enough and cares enough to hear about our struggles and sadness. He understands our human condition because He created us. But, I think He also wants many of us to learn how to be satisfied. Many, many of us have more than we truly need to survive this body and life and, yet, somehow we are wishing and wanting and striving for more.

Oh Lord — Help redirect my thoughts away from myself and towards You and what You are doing. Help me remember to look back on the situations of my past and how You have used them to deepen my relationship with you or have used them to make a connection with others who so desperately need to hear Your Gospel. May I look at frustrations and disappointments as Divine Appointments where You pour Your perspective into my heart. ~ Amen!



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