Sometimes too much is too much.

It is easy now, especially now, to be surrounded by opinions and conflict and impending doom. I have to be careful what I intake lest I am saturated with all the dread and stress of the world. Sometimes it is exhausting trying to discern what is accurate.

It feels like the unending spring rains of Evansville, Indiana. At least it feels like they can be unending. Our first year here I bought everyone a pair of rain boots because it seemed like it was always raining.

Always raining….

The ground was often squishy. There were always puddles to navigate on the sidewalks and in parking lots. There were often flooded streets because the rain came so hard and fast the sewer system could not keep up.


Today, I am thankful for the sunshine. I love the sunshine-y days; the ones when I need to pull out my sunglasses to navigate the bright world. I am thankful that God’s Word cuts through the darkness and gives me light. Meditating on a passage of God’s Word can be a great way to have an inflow of Truth and Light!

What is one of your favorite verses? I find new favorites all the time. I am thankful God sent His Word to me and it is always relevant and always just what I need!

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PrayerPoints by Liz

PrayerPoints is typically a Lenten project and a chronicle of God working on my heart and mind. It is always a process. God is always teaching me! I am American born with Hungarian blood. I make plenty of mistakes but I am forgiven. Each day is an adventure.

2 thoughts on “Saturated”

  1. I don’t have a favorite verse, those change as fast as a bird flies. I just wanted to send words of hope, persistence, and downright stubbornness. I have been at the forefront of two deadly epidemics, the first was HIV, we didn’t know what or who or how to deal with this unseen enemy, it took some time to figure out what this dread disease was, how to prevent transmission, was there any treatments? It seemed endless. Now some decades later the disease is still prevalent, treatable for some and the mode of transmission is known, still no vaccine. Most of us are still here. The original cause, disrespect for the environment, it came originally from handling meat from apes and monkeys. YIKES! The second was a result of people choosing not to vaccinate against known transmissible diseases, this time it was measles. Deadly and crippling and highly contagious. the ER doctor had never seen it, he was looking frantically through a text book and wasn’t sure what he was seeing in patients, they came in groups. I offered to call my Mom because Casper, the MD, didn’t have a living person who knew what measles looked like to speak with, I remember him saying “Mom this is Casper your new son the doctor, how do I know what measles looks like? I’m desperate!” Mom knew and then because I worked in a Catholic hospital clergy members arrived to help. I also remember watching one of the Brothers run out of the ER and run back with an older doctor who knew all too well what was happening, he had happened to be in the hospital seeing one of his patients and the Brother took action. Through all these difficult times what was a constant was the reliance on God’s Words, through individual prayers, group prayers and assistance from clergy, all faiths and I mean all faiths. Now there is a new world wide epidemic, the CoViD19 pandemic. I turned back the clock and thought well, here we go again. dear Lord help me to remember what I have been through, and not to be part of the problem! I don’t dwell on negative verses, this is a frightening time, but dwell on those that offer help by relying on our Lord and Saviour and remembering what His Sacrifice entailed to save me from my sins. I will be part of the solution not part of the problem.
    A little Hungarian history here, those who are of our heritage have a specific gene called the ” “x gene” . Not the same that determines our gender, but this little gene has enabled people with it to survive complicated diseases to an old age. It was found by studying records that date back hundreds of years back to the age of the Black Death, Hungarians either didn’t get the disease, recovered faster than others and continue to live on to old age. Currently it is called the Central European Factor. It still puzzles the medical community, I think it should be called God’s gift to the Hungarians! We are a tough bunch, so still wear a mask, wash your hands , socially distance and keep calm God will help us carry on! All the best! Stay well! Enjoy the rain!

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