Under Pressure

Pressure can create some beautiful things. And it can also cause quite a bit of stress.

Here we are, most of the world anyway, on a bit of a lockdown. We are banding together to protect the vulnerable and to provide some sort of pre-emptive relief on the medical facilities all around the world.

We have seen some beautiful moments and heard some heart wrenching accounts. And we have experienced them around our own tables as well: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We are all under pressure in one way or another. As we struggle with bills, meals, focus, patience, health concerns, and a little extra stress, I pray for God’s grace to carry us all through.

Have you found some new ways to cope with stress? It is always good to have a few “go to” stress relievers:

a brisk walk in the neighborhood
speaking a Psalm aloud
taking a nap
singing along with a favorite, uplifting song
chatting with a friend

What other suggestions do you have?

May God grant you His peace during this time of unknowns. He sees you and knows your needs. He loves you and will provide for you in ways you may not see yet. Ask Him to open your eyes to see His work and provision!

The Lord gives strength to his people;
    the Lord blesses his people with peace
. Psalm 29:11

Published by

PrayerPoints by Liz

PrayerPoints is typically a Lenten project and a chronicle of God working on my heart and mind. It is always a process. God is always teaching me! I am American born with Hungarian blood. I make plenty of mistakes but I am forgiven. Each day is an adventure.

One thought on “Under Pressure”

  1. Dealing with stress, I think I can defend a doctoral thesis on that topic, I have plenty of experience. Before lost my hearing(that was stressful enough) I was a RN. I worked primarily in Emergency Medicine, or the ER. Talk about stress! Yikes! Since you never knew what was going to happen you were prepared for anything until the weird cases showed up and they always did! You learned to laugh as much as possible, ignore fellow co workers with toxic attitudes,eat as healthy as possible, sleep eight hours a day, and develope coping mechanisms that were suited for only yourself,mine was and is caring for and riding my horse. One on one time, sometimes long focused rides, sometimes just watching my horse during turnout ( the horse is turned out in an arena or field to just be a horse). Or take walks with my dog,play with the dog or sew. But the key was time to do what I wanted for a short while. There needs to be a time for each person to just be their own person with as few pressures to live up to someone else’s expectations. Did I pray? WHOOOO boy did I and still do pray! I also remember to say thanks to the Lord as much as possible, there are millions of everyday things that are just as much a gift from God as something large. During times of deep stress my family has learned to leave me be if they are close by, I become very quiet,figuring out the best way to deal with the situation. It is better to leave me alone, I have dealt with things that my family doesn’t know anything about, they would be devastated about what I have seen and experienced as an ER nurse, sadly those experiences have left me with PTSD. After a stressful situation I do not handle daily life well for a few days, insomnia, anorexia and agitation shows up. To deal with that I have finally learned to let that run its course, then my life returns to normal. The triggers for my PTSD are somewhat of a mystery, I really don’t know what will cause a “crash” but good daily habits minimize them. It is not a learning process, so I walk, exercise and be a pet parent. Prayer and reading the Bible need to be part of my daily life, so that I can realize there is nothing new to God, those things are stepping stones on the paths he has paved for me. Al the best! Stay well!

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