One of the beautiful things that I am focusing on during these days are the ways people are working together and caring for one another. I mean, really, who would have ever thought that world leaders would be looking at one another for encouragement and strategies and solutions.

States, communities, neighborhoods — they are all looking out for one another. We each may have different rolls to play — some are larger than others — but we can each provide a helping hand, encouragement, some resources, a prayer —

Reach out to those you know and love. Check in with them. Start new traditions. Write letters. Share simple recipes. Share potential solutions to challenges people are experiencing.

For many years I was in choirs and bands and loved the way each part had a role — no one part sounded right without the others. And when everyone knew and sang their part, it was magical to me. I loved those days of harmony and being a part of something bigger than myself.

Last year, I spent a weekend at a retreat with Michael Card as the facilitator. It was a great weekend and I was reminded about his music. I know, another guy with a guitar — what can I say? Anyway, here is one of his songs and I hope you dig around and look for others!

Chorus of Faith

If you have you heard a great story of compassion during this time I would love to know about it!

Let’s pray for all the researchers who are working hard to find solutions to this crazy virus. I firmly believe their work is important for today but it may also address more issues that are bound to come up in the future. ~ Liz

One thought on “Together

  1. I am surprised how divided people have become during this pandemic, either they take it seriously or not at all. There are those who are completely in denial about this virus,I have heard some very ridiculous ideas, some in flat “You can’t make me!” attitudes and then there are the ones I find so welcoming, social distancing, politeness, consideration and laughter. In my neighborhood , we are a tiny lot, I am the oldest, but at the same time the most experienced in medical problems. Having been a nurse helps, I have seen things most don’t even know exist , I know how to handle this pandemic better than my neighbors except for one who is a firefighter /paramedic. We talk about his situation when necessary and it is scary to say the least. Are we working together? Yes we are, keeping a distance, asking do you need anything from this store or that store and to my surprise , my neighbor has figured out a way to make lights flash when my telephone rings!!! Imagine! I can now have the convenience of a telephone again! This reminds me of a favorite hymn, “All God’s Creatures Have a Place in the Choir”. We are all singing our parts. Sing on dear friend and stay safe!

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