My music choices were very diverse when I was 13-16 and still are. I was influenced by my brothers, Top 40, choir music, band music, Casey Kasem, as well as a number of other people. But I am always drawn to guy singers and I love acoustic guitar.

I don’t remember who introduced me to John Michael Talbot but here he is and I would encourage you to explore his music. It is very meditative and simple. It is awesome for times of personal worship.

Come to the Quiet

I don’t know about you and your situation as we deal with all the complications this virus brings. But this time does beckon me to sit at the feet of Jesus and think and pray for a few things.

Let’s pray for the grocery store workers and the truckers and the warehouse people who are working hard to keep store shelves stocked. Here they are, on the front lines of this epidemic. Because we are all so much more dependent on everyone else for our food, they are our lifeline to nutrients. When you see them, say “thank you” or “we appreciate you”. They are putting their lives on the line every day.

One thought on “Come

  1. First impressions can be deceiving. There is a clerk at the local drug store who at first glance looks threatening, black, thick hair, dense beard, more jewelry on one hand than I own. You get the picture, but, during this difficult time he has shown who he truly is, helpful, unfailing cheerful, relaxed , friendly . Currently there is a panic buying of toilet paper, he is careful to tell his “special” customers, those who are elderly, chronically ill or disabled, when to arrive at the store so they can more easily purchase what they need. He has won over so many people by his character he is now a favorite. I don’t need to be kind to him because he is at the store , but it is a pleasure to be around him. I told him that, the other day he wasn’t there, his day off, so I told the manager how much I appreciate him. She replied “I couldn’t understand why the store boss hired him , now we all know he is a gem!” Keeping a friendly attitude, being cheerful and relaxed helps everyone, spreading positive comments to supervisors helps those who work in the public everyday become recognized for the heroes they are. Everyone stay well! Get out in the sunshine when you can and keep smiling!

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