Hello Friend! Day Thirty

Hello Friend!

I know I have written about hospitality before but it is such an important offering to humanity. I find I have less of a capacity for it when I am in a rush, with a million things to do. That just isn’t acceptable. I want to do better.

Hospitality is a warm welcome. And, beyond that, it can look as different as the people extending it.

We all have areas where we work and play and wherever there are humans, there is a need for hospitality. A smile, an offer of assistance, a willingness to stop and greet someone and offer a word of welcome. That is hospitality in a basic, though essential, form. It is important for people to be acknowledged and welcomed, especially if they are in a new place.

Where have you felt the most welcomed? What have you done to welcome others?

Take note of hospitality you are shown in the coming days. And consider this post a challenge to be aware of others in your space and make an effort to be welcoming.

See you during Lent!


One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Thirty

  1. Here it is September and we are heading into Autumn, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, then Christmas. Time when families gather together, friends are invited for celebrations. This is just a reminder that here are people who don’t have family or their family is far away. People might get busy with work , then celebrations to plan or go to and remembering someone else gets swept aside. I know full well what that is like, it was all I could do to keep ahead of everyday responsibilities and plan for holidays too. I lost any sense of being hospitable, in other words I was a grump! I wonder how many times I could have brighten someone’s day with kind words, a smile or a helping hand? I will never know. I know first hand how busy life becomes and the simplistic idea of just “take it easy” grates on every nerve so I try to keep in mind that the simplest of hospitalities, smile, being polite, minor helpful acts are like oil in a grinding engine. Small acts of kindness add up especially to persons who face those “family celebrations” alone. I know, my family is spread put now and celebrating together isn’t possible, those gentle gestures add up to make a lonely time more tolerable. So, I made up my mind to be as welcoming as I can, spread the gentleness so to speak! Maybe that is a mini-celebration?

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