Hello Friend! Day Twenty-nine

Hello Friend!

Sometimes my self – control is noteworthy. Other times it is pitiful. It’s almost like I have to schedule it into my day. It needs my focus and attention.

How are you with self – control? Have you found outside accountability helps? Or, if you set your mind to something you are able to stay focused and achieve your goal?

Usually my need for self – control is related to a goal I have set. I have to say “no” to some things in order to see the results in those goal areas. Unfortunately, I seem to always get distracted. I might be a little busy and then I forget I even have the goal unless I have it written down, provided I haven’t misplaced the paper. And it always helps if I have someone on the outside waiting for me to follow through.

I think of all of the fruits of the Spirit I get the most frustrated with my lack of self – control. Depending on what we are talking about, my stick-to-it-iveness struggles. I need Thankfully, God loves me in spite of my flaws. And He knows my heart, even if I don’t achieve all my goals this side of Heaven.

Have you found the key to your self – control challenges? What makes you more likely to have success?



One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Twenty-nine

  1. Hmmmmm… self control. that’s a tough one. I think it is for everyone and considering how complex life is , why is that concept, self-control, so surprising? If we only had to consider one thing at a time then self-control would be easier, but, in reality there is rarely a time when there is only one thing to do. Being in good self-control has so many facets to it, a lot is cultural,a lot is expectations from others who influence your life and usually unrecognized so does your daily health and the environment you live in. Roll this all up, shake it all down and insto-presto a complicated situation! How do I keep self-controlled? For me it is different than others. First of all my immediate family (those that I am in daily contact) have had to learn to leave me alone when I am busy. Second of all I don’t live near any of my extended family . Expectations from them are limited. Thirdly and this is getting to be a source of adaptation, I am hearing impaired. How do I control myself is a juggling act. I try to keep deadlines written down and visible, I try to keep thinking, “now how do I handles this and keep Jesus in the forefront of my thinking and actions.” Do I succeed? Sometimes and I have to remember that the impressions I make are lasting. I also have a slightly different set of priorities so I try to remember that others don’t know of my mind set. I try hard to watch what I say to people who I love or am friends with. Words need to be watched not to cause unmeaning harm. Am I self -controlled? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Do I have an answer? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I keep,in mind a conversation I had with my niece’s new family that I met for the first time after she got married. I wasn’t at the wedding because I was snowed in, read seven and one half feet of snow on the driveway and all roads closed. It was at Easter and we were gathered at Diane’s house and her new relatives were stunned to hear that I don’t like to cook. They were silent! Diane busily tried to explain, was flustered, upset. I just smiled at her as if to say “calm down” this is no problem, my sister was laughing so hard ,tears were running down her face! THEN, Diane’s new family, deciding they had offended me were tying themselves into knots to defuse the situation, They hadn’t offended me. Its a cultural cliche’ that all women like to cook. Would it be appropriate to give a lecture at this point? I didn’t think so. Self -control? At that rare moment yes, I had self-control. To make you laugh, the conversation then turned to gardening, a safer topic,and the new family were busy explaining to me of the benefits of organic gardening. I appreciated their concern and listened as best I could
    and waited to to tell them I am a Biologist, now I teach that topic and when necessary Agriculture. I wish you could have seen their faces. After that we had desert and they were amazed by the cookies I brought! Later they told me they were sure they had angered me by their insensitivity, I replied I wasn’t but if they weren’t nice to my niece I was going to give them some of the ashes from my burned bras from the sixties. Everyone was laughing then. Self control, phew that time I had it! Endanger my safety or that of my family and you will see a different sort of self-control , no slow burn! Is self-control easy? no, but its worth it.

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