Hello Friend! Day Five

Hello Friend!

I have a favor to ask you!

When I complain about the same thing, over and over again, will you ask me what steps I am taking to resolve that situation?

I know I can get stuck because I have been stuck before. When a situation comes up and blows my mind so much that I have no clue how to move forward – then I am stuck; even if I can’t verbalize it. It’s my own, personal wilderness.

I am sure you have been there, too. It isn’t a fun place to be. It might be the result of:

  • addiction
  • a broken promise,
  • a death of a person,
  • a death of a dream,
  • an issue that just doesn’t seem to ever get resolved.

When I seem to be on “repeat”, please get my attention and ask me if I plan to wallow in this place forever or If I am I interested in moving forward with my month, my year, my life.

Then duck!

I might not like being challenged like this. I might get angry with you. But they are words I need to hear from you, if you are my friend.

Sometimes I don’t even recognize I am stuck but those who are around me surely do. My prayer is that I lovingly receive your words of concern and take action, but I might not be ready to. If I am resistant, please be patient and keep praying for me. I am not sure how long I will be stuck. I don’t know how much of life will pass me by as I wander in the wilderness – let’s hope it isn’t 40 years!  The truth is, I don’t want dwell in a place of loss and confusion. That is not how I want to spend my days.

I want to dwell in the Lord! But I may have just gotten stuck.


2 thoughts on “Hello Friend! Day Five

  1. Dear Liz, Our Moms were friends over the telephone, they met when my Mom placed an order through Magyar Marketing, that’s how I found your website. I think we are becoming friends over the internet,I sure hope so. I read today’s posting and have and continue to do the same thing. So I’ll make you a deal, you boost me past the current vacuum spot and I’ll boost you past yours. My goal is to seek the Lord’s loving embrace. The reason I call the stuck places a vacuum spot is it feels to me like I’m stuck in something that is suctioning the daylights out of me. I keep trying to think “this too shall pass”. But I still need the friendly input to see my way clear, sound familiar? I treasure your daily posts more than I can say, they mean so much. If I sound on the scientific side its because I m one! What’s that? A scientist that believes in God! Unimaginable, for some, but Liz the more I study science (Biology) the more I am in awe of God. Take care, cuddle that new precious baby! Until later, Christine.

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