Hello Friend! Day Three

Hello Friend!

We make peace, come in peace, leave in peace, and we share the peace. There is a time for peace, people bring us peace, we go home in peace, we promote peace, and we are buried in peace. Clearly, God desires us to be at peace because He talks a lot about it! But there are times we just don’t have it. I am not exactly sure why and I am sure it is different for everyone. As I thought about peace (or lack of it in my life) I have come up with a few thoughts:

For me, when I am angry or fighting against the way something is, I do not have peace. I used to think that accepting something meant I liked it but I don’t think that is how it goes. However, I think it is important to learn how to accept my reality without being angry or incredibly sad….eventually. We all work through the loss of beautiful things that were or things we hoped for that will never be in different ways and at different speeds. This is a part of the human experience. How that shows itself is just as varied as we all are.

I also know that my response to my circumstances ebb and flow. One day I may accept the reality of my situation and be hopeful as I look forward and, another day, I may be back in a place where I am really struggling with things. Sometimes I move between wanting to shake my fist at God or sit in a puddle at His feet. I can be angry, frustrated, disappointed, and sad. Other times, I feel refreshed and ready to move forward in peace. Sometimes that range of emotions all happen in the same day!

And then there is the challenge of when I am headed down a path and the lack of “peace” lets me know that something isn’t right. Do I pay attention? Do I adjust my course? Do I pray for God’s wisdom? Get input from a trusted counselor?

Turn from evil and do good;

    seek peace and pursue it.

Psalm 34:14

May God grant you His perfect peace!


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