Hello Friend! Day Two

Hello Friend!

There are so many choices these days that I think I have decision fatigue! Every choice seems to have some critical consequence and there is just so much to keep in mind.

How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Some days I need to cling to a verse like the one above. If I am doing a “breath prayer” I even have to shorten it to “My hope is in YOU all day long!” It can even be shortened still!

But, I can’t ignore the first part either: “Guide me in your truth and teach me!” Have I allowed for that kind of space in my life? Not always.

When I want to run away from everything I have to stop and think: When was the last time I created the space for God to speak to me through His Word? When have I last “retreated”?

I need to allow for the time and space to dig in — either on my own or with a small group. Preferably both. I recently attended a weekend conference with a precious friend. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have done something like that — it was such a blessing! I have to arrange to do something like this once a year, at least! If you have a suggestion, send it my way!

I’ll be praying for you as you make space!


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