PrayerPoints ~ Friday, February 12th

Ash Wednesday_m

Today’s PrayerPoint ~ Psalm 52

“Here now is the man who did not make God his stronghold but trusted in his great wealth and grew strong by destroying others.” Psalm 52:7

As I read through this Psalm, no one in particular came to mind. Until I got to the above line.

Then I came to my mind.

And I wondered,  “how close am I getting to either of these two points?” Indeed, they are related but they stand alone just as powerfully. I can trust in my own wealth. And I can also grow strong by destroying others. Keeping both of those in check is a full-time job.

I have been studying for a business degree for about 16 months. I am on the home stretch with only 8 weeks left. Woohoo! It has been a lot of work. It’s been interesting to consider little businesses (like mine) and huge multinational corporations. In the business world, it is easy to see how people grow strong by destroying others. But in my little world, my words can do it too.

What am I chasing after and who am I crushing in the meantime? Sometimes I think of the rich and famous and powerful in this world and how they are being selfish little piggies. But more often I reflect on my own actions and my own heart and the struggles I have with stuff.

What about you? Have there been things you have pursued so intensely that you have crushed others in the process?



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