PrayerPoints ~ Thursday, February 11th

Ash Wednesday_m

Todays’s PrayerPoint ~ Psalm 140

“Rescue me” Psalm 140:1a

Have you ever surveyed your circumstances and mumbled this? Screamed this? Cried this?

Rescue me!

This year, I have heard of more situations that warrant this cry for help than ever before. I suspect it is because many of my “peers” are in a stage of parenting that is challenging. Small children, small problems but those big kids – oi! They find themselves in the midst of BIG problems  and some they have run headfirst and boldly into because they have no clue what they are doing.

Your willingness to listen to a friend may be the lifeline they need as they move to the next step of seeking help for their situation. And if you are the one in need, seek out someone who can walk through this time with you. Being honest about your circumstances is very vulnerable place to be but it also provides the best way for someone to work with you to get you the help you need.

Sometimes we need to be rescued from the hands of others and sometimes we need to be rescued from ourselves. Quite often, I have found myself in the latter situation.

I like this Psalm because the situations David uses here are so easy for me to visualize. As I read through it, I am reminded of God’s provision and care and defense for those who are in need of rescue ~ which is, incidentally, each and every one of us!



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