Our congregation participates in a program called Kairos Prison Ministry International. There is a lot to the organization but one thing they do is take trained volunteers into correction facilities to share the Gospel during a carefully and prayerfully planned weekend. Here is a link to their website: Kairos Prison Ministry International

If you or someone you love has been in trouble with the “Law” you know the heartbreak, the stubbornness, the relief, the fear, the anger, the hesitation, the disappointment, and the hard work it takes to turn in around.

Please pray for offenders and their families. Pray for those who have changed their ways to be strong in their resolve to live a healthy and law-abiding life. Pray for those who are heading down that path to be caught sooner rather than later and wake up to the trouble they are causing. Pray for the families who are often caught in a cycle of shame and blame.

Pray about your involvement in ministry to offenders and their families. If you feel ministering to offenders (or their families) is a direction God may be leading you, there are several organizations out there.

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