I think about all the joys and challenges that surround the word of adoption and it is so full of prayer possibilities. I am sure we all know at least one family impacted by adoption in some way. Lift them up in prayer because there are times when it takes a lifetime to process the impact of adoption. Whether they are going through a time of discouragement or a time of celebration, pray God reveals His loving care to them each step of the way and pray they can recognize His work in their lives.

Here are some ideas to get you started if you are drawing a blank:

the adopted
the birth mother
the birth father
the birth grandparents
the adopting family (parents, other children, grandparents)
the challenges (and joys) of international adoption
Adoptions involving disabilities

There are so many adjustments, expectations, joys, waits, and hurts that those in any of the above categories experience through the process of adoption. Take time to pray for and encourage those you know who have an experience relating to adoption in their lives.

3 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. Esther and I were just talking aboutHannah and Scot’s adoptionprocess with South Africa this morning at prayer. She also mentioned Eva visting with Hannah Voss.Blessings on your day.

    1. What a perfect situation to pray for with Hannah and Scott! Thank you for reminding me about that! And yes, both Elizabeth and Hannah are excited to meet up with Joy and Eva this week! Blessings on YOUR day, Carol!!! Much Love, Liz

  2. Thanks for your post and prayers! Our Andrew (adopted from Russia in 1998) is 15 years old, and our journey has been challenging due to a number of disabilities we did not know at the time of adoption. Not that we would change anything but raising him has taught me how powerless and tiny human I am and must rely on the Lord and others.

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