PrayerPoint ~ GPS ~ March 14

A quick note on PrayerPoints and blogging:  PrayerPoints have been around for at least 4 years (I have lost track) and have been a great way for me to capture the messages God is impressing upon me. Blogging had always looked fun but I only delved into the personal blogging world so I could learn how it worked for our business website and WordPress makes it all incredibly easy to do.  I challenge you to take some time to write down what God is teaching you. Whether or not you ever choose to share it with anyone else is your decision, but sometimes the act of flushing it out on paper helps solidify it in your mind and heart.      Enjoy today!   Liz
Today is “guest post” day! Maybe it will get your creative juices flowing. If I take the time to contemplate I find it isn’t hard to connect a Biblical Truth to something that is regularly present in my life. Angie is from a farm in southeast Nebraska. She is a wife to one guy and a mom to three sweet girls. As she contemplated a recent trip with her girls and her GPS she jotted down a few ideas. Thank you, Angie, for letting me share these thoughts!
                                                                                                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Last weekend I took the girls to a horse show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Curt stayed home to do his farm jobs, so it was a girls weekend. Because I am unfamiliar with Tulsa, I took our new Garmin, ‘whom’ the girls have named, Margo.
(After Margo in Christmas Vacation, so they can say to her, “I don’t know, Margo!”)  🙂
The trip was going great until we reached Tulsa. The exit which Margo wanted us to take was closed due to construction. So I decided to continue on the path, allowing her time to recalculate and find us new directions.
The exit she instructed us to take, which I did, took us through a sketchy part of the city, on narrow streets….no detour signs.
I wanted to stop and turn around, but the girls said to just trust Margo, so I did.
We continued a few more blocks to where she instructed us to turn so we could get back on the interstate system and back on our orignal track.
In no time, we were arriving at our desired destination.
I began to contemplate these events. I realized that:
  • following the GPS was much like following the Lord. I put my faith in the GPS to guide me where I needed to go, much like putting our faith in the Lord.
  • I began to question the path it was taking me on, as I fail to always follow what the Lord wants me to do.
  • I thought I knew where we were going, then I came upon construction and had to change plans, much like road blocks of life change our courses.
  • I needed to place my complete trust in the GPS so I could get back to the interstate because I was lost, just as I need to place my complete trust in the Lord so He keeps me on the right path. With Him, He has taken us from Lost to Found.
  • Just as we have a choice to follow the instructions of the GPS, we also have the choice to follow and obey the directions of the Lord and His Word. Our decisions will influence whether we will need to ‘recalculate’ or not.
  • The relief that came from getting through the detour and back on the right path was calming, much as when we feel peace when resting in the Lord.
These are a few of my thoughts….I wanted to share them with you. I love how events in our life encourage pondering moments of our faith and our walk with the Lord.
Enjoy your day!

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