A relationship built on grace and love often also involves trust. I trust that you are doing the best you can in the moment you are in. It might not be the way I would do it. It might not be the absolute best way to handle it, but, because we are in a relationship, I trust your intention. I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

One thought on “Trust

  1. Sadly I recently realized the relationship I had with family members is not based on grace nor trust. I know that I cannot nor will not succumb to over reaching control from others, they don’t live my life, they don’t live with my circumstances nor do I live with theirs, nor their sometimes poor choices. but because I am not as financially well off as they are , they believe I don’t know how to arrange my life. Will I ever trust them again? Time will tell but I know too much about human psychology to let my guard down, will I be polite? Yes. Considerate? Yes. But without trust there isn’t any relationship that is founded on grace. And vice versa. Perhaps there will be a time when we can reach a more equitable relationship. I leave it in God’s Hands and will be patient, while working on taking care of me and my “little” family. (my little family are my pets, they are all I have, I haven’t seen my family in three years, their reason is that it is not convenient). This is a sad thing to write but it is the way things are, I do feel freer not to have to try to please them, I focus on pleasing God. I pray daily to do that and ask for His infinite wisdom in all my daily endeavors. Time will tell, but it will not change past threats.

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