Advent is a coming into place, view, or being. And for 2020, Advent begins. This is a time of preparation and a time of reflection. We are coming into a new church year, a new liturgical calendar. I think God can work through those things but I also believe God works in ways that aren’t as structured or rhythmic. I am always thankful for a formal time of prayer and reflection, but even more thankful that God meets me where I am and in the midst of my moment. He never fails.

Last year, at this time, I was in Hungary, and what a treat to be there during the beginning of Advent. I have not been in a place where Advent is celebrated in a community. We drove many places that had huge Advent wreaths in the center of town. I loved it!

Are you entering a new phase or season? Be attentive to how God walks with you.

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