Blessed Easter

Of course, Easter looks a little different this year with all that is going on in the world.

Everything looks different!

It is easy to get into habits. And, maybe those habits can become trappings. When Easter doesn’t feel like Easter, maybe we should be thinking about what Easter really is about?

It isn’t about fantastic organ preludes and altars adorned with aromatic lilies and crowded pews where you have to arrive thirty minutes early just to sit with your family. It isn’t about showing off Easter clothes and new shoes at church. It isn’t about baskets and chocolate and egg hunts. It isn’t about family gatherings and amazing food.

It’s about Jesus!

Those other things are wonderful and fun and can be enjoyed, of course. There is nothing wrong with any of them, but they seem to have budged their way up to the front of the line. Many of us are in a new position to reflect with this crisis occurring in the world. Maybe Easter looks different this year.

Maybe that is a good thing.

A friend sent me this Easter greeting today.

In a world of uncertainty, you can count on these things:

Jesus loves you!
He died for your sins!
He rose again!

Alleluia! Amen!

Overcome ~ Jeremy Camp

3 thoughts on “Blessed Easter

  1. Dear Liz, HAppy Easter, He is Risen! I agree with your message, the trappings we have allowed to be at the heart of Easter celebrations have overshadowed the meaning of Easter. Hopefully there will be some who come to realize this. Holidays for me are now solitary, truthfully I don’t mind, in the past I was expected to be the chaffeur for my parents driving them down the mountain to my sister’s house on my only day off from work. I had to return home early get up the next morning 4:45 am be on the road by 5:45 am and drive to work, if it was stormy I had to be up earlier. the drive isn’t on urban roads, mine is mountain highways, steep. twisting, narrow. Did I resent this? Not at first, then I felt I was just a servant , told to wait in the wings until needed. When I worked in the Emergency Department, there were the normal diseases and accident to deal with along with difficult co workers and patients. This year was different, I listened via the Internet to my Pastors, am able to spend time reflecting the true meaning of Easter at my own pace, no long drives (round trips were three to four hours ) but I do miss my family to a point. I no longer feel like the “help”. I do have my “fur” family with me and they are usually sweet tempered,(they have their down moments too) so I am not alone. It was so peaceful to just listen and think about what the pastors said, not to have to rush and drive a long distance, stay tired and rush back to work tired. I do know my family has had to think about how life changed so fast, now they have to be alone.when they wanted to celebrate together. It seems they were caught up in the family gathering rather than think about the meaning of Easter. This has happened to many people, especially those suddenly without an income, it is very hard to be grateful when the spectre of hunger and losing your home hangs over your head. I can’t imagine the thoughts of Jesus when He realized God asked Him to die on the Cross, yet He willingly accepted God’s plan. Helps me to realize the enormity of the Resurrection. I pray I am not alone in this. I pray I will never forget how my sins caused Jesus to suffer so that I may have eternal life with Him. All the best, stay well, happy Easter.

  2. I have been sad that we weren’t able to get together with family from out of town as we had originally planned. Then, on top of that I got a stomach bug and haven’t been able to eat anything this whole weekend. I so needed to hear that first and foremost Easter IS about Jesus! Thank you for sharing; I’ve enjoyed your Lenten blog!

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