Until the veil was torn….”

“Light of the World by darkness slain.”

It’s a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. It is a good day.

It is Good Friday.

And we are headed into the Easter weekend on Day 20 or so of restricted activity. I actually stopped counting because keeping track is just a bit much for me.

And while I am separated from some of the ones I love, I am pretty thankful for the extra time I get with the others I don’t see on a regular basis. Our two youngest have been staying with us for the last three weeks and it has been a good thing for all of us!

So, while I am separated from some of those I love, I haven’t been separated from all of them.

And I wonder if that is a bit of how God feels….

The sadness of not being a part of the lives of some of His Creation…

The longing to have them recognize His great love for them…

The burden for them and the pains and losses they have endured…

The desire to help them…

The hope of the day that they will come to know Him…

The delight in the relationships He does have…

Each person is unique… each one important… each one loved… even if they don’t realize it!

Below are two songs. Enjoy them. Rest in His grace and hope. The world is changing and we are here to witness it. How we share God’s love and grace is important but how we understand it on a personal level is essential.

Go forth in God’s love and grace!

All of Creation ~ MercyMe

In Christ Alone

Published by

PrayerPoints by Liz

PrayerPoints is typically a Lenten project and a chronicle of God working on my heart and mind. It is always a process. God is always teaching me! I am American born with Hungarian blood. I make plenty of mistakes but I am forgiven. Each day is an adventure.

2 thoughts on ““Separated…”

  1. Normally I rarely see my family, we are separated by geography, my sister lives over 500 miles from me, we are still in the same state, my niece 124 miles away, others live out of state, so this distancing is not unusual. Now it is mandatory to wear masks when out in public,the distancing required by CoViD19 wasn’t practiced by all so now the masks are required. For myself I am glad of this, it emphasizes how dangerous this virus is. Not being able to meet with others for Easter at church will be different, but at the same time it emphasizes how alone my Saviour felt as He carried the cross to His crucifixtion. how alone the Blessed Virgin Mary felt watching her beloved Son tortured to death. Being alone brings the true meaning of Easter, or as we call it Resurrection Sunday, to a personal level. These days for Christians are not days filled with happy anticipation , but days of reflection on God’s greatest gift to us, Redemption for our sins, at the cost of Jesus’s earthly life. People bring distractions, there are daily chores that must be attended to, so now without the presence of large family gatherings to think about, the reflection of Jesus’s gift to us can be dwelt upon . Stay well dear friend, all the best , Happy Easter or Joyous Resurrection Sunday.

  2. Liz an addition . Thank you for posting the song “Day by Day” it is a favorite, I rarely listen to it because I don’t have copy nor a way to listen to it. Thank so much! When I listened to it, the song came through loud and clear!!!!!!

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