O Morning Star

Promised One.

Since Creation, God had been making and fulfilling promises. But this is the big one.

Jesus is the Promised One.

What I love about how God works is that if I take the time to look back and analyze my life, I can see times of interjection and moments of clarity where I knew in my heart that God was showing me Jesus and His grace. Yes, Jesus came for the world. But He also came for me.

That treasured Promised One was promised for me.

Countless promises have fulfilled in Scripture. Surely someone somewhere has analyzed how many things God promised and fulfilled. God delivers. Even when I don’t have the eyes to see it, I have the words of The Bible to read. I can see promises fulfilled throughout the generations. I love the big picture, I do. But when it comes to a God who knew Moses and those other giants of the faith. The One who created the world and sent a Savior. The God who has been there for me and redeemed my life from the pit. That is where it gets personal.

These promises are for me.

God has the same end goal for each of us but how He is able to bring it about all depends on softened hearts and a willingness to be led by Him. Are my heart and ears are attuned to Him? Am I able to discern His voice from the clamouring of the others? The path of life isn’t always easy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and fearful and I kick and scream. He holds me anyway and He waits for me.

Thank you for fulfilling Your promises to the generations. And thank you for keeping your promises to me. Thank you for The Promised One. Amen.

O Morning Star, how clear and bright,
your beam shines forth in truth and light!
My Sovereign meek and lowly!
O Root of Jesse, Promised One,
my God and Ruler, you have won
my heart to serve you solely!
You are holy,
great and glorious, all-victorious,
Rich in blessing,
rule and might o’er all possessing.

Come heavenly Brightness, Light divine,
and deep within my heart now shine,
there make yourself an altar!
Fill me with joy and strength to be
your member, joined eternally 
in love that cannot falter;
Longing for you
does possess me; turn and bless me;
Here in sadness
eye and heart long for your gladness. *

*Philipp Nicolai (1556 – 1608)

One thought on “O Morning Star

  1. The Morning Star is sacred not only to Christians but to several Native American tribes as well. they believe that the star,visible early in the morning is the best time to pray to the Creator. Sounds familiar. I know God hears me anytime, but I am touched that He sends His message so creatively, so simply , so beautifully to all. Good Morning , Morning Star .

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