Look Up

Sometimes I get so focused on a book or my computer that I don’t look up. I don’t pay attention to where I am or where I might be going. I don’t see who or what is coming towards me. I am in my own little world with thoughts that carry me away from the space I am occupying.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to be focused. But it isn’t necessarily a good thing either. I want my surgeon focused on my surgery. I want drivers around me to be focused on their task of driving. But if I am regularly disappearing from the goings-on of life, I need to ask myself why.

Looking up is a way of getting my bearings. When I look up to my Creator, I make a greater connection with His creation. I was created to connect, but it is hard to do it when I am not looking up and engaging in the world around me.

Come, Lord Jesus!

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