Hello Friend! Day Twenty-seven

Hello Friend!

What does faithfulness look like to you?

I see it when an adult child tends to an aging parent or when there is illness and disability within a family and, together, they are able to manage the needs. I see it in friendships that cross time zones, cultural barriers, generations, ideological differences, and continents. However, people do fall short. God never does.

In spite of all I have done or not done, there is God — abounding in love. Slow to anger. Justified, loving. His mercies are new every morning. And that, my friend, is faithfulness. He loves me. He loves you. Always.

But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God,
    slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.
Psalm 86:15 NIV

Where have you been faithful? Who models that for you?

We will always fall short. Those in our lives will always miss the mark, somewhere along the line. A part of our faithfulness to God means we extend His grace to others. Our behavior can give others a glimpse of how His love and faithfulness can look.


One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Twenty-seven

  1. Faithfulness is tough on we humans,our lives are complex , pay attention to one thing and you ignore ten. then guilt feelings emerge. I saw this alot when I was a Home Health Registered Nurse. I worked for agencies that provided medical care to individuals and to their families. Some to provide for support for continually healing or support for the dying so the individual could die at home. It was a tough job for the Hospice patient and family because I became close to the patient and the family. And I wonder why I have PTSD. When I was diagnosed with melanoma I told my family some of the diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. We live far apart, had other responsibilities. I didn’t think they needed to know because I didn’t want any interference from well meaning relatives who couldn’t completely understand what I needed. Since I live away from my family I have my own family, not traditional, they were and are two dogs,one cat and one horse. I needed to be near them as well as humans. But my family would have helped, IF I abandoned my four legged family. NO DICE. Was my family faithful? They were to a point. Well meaning but not helpful. I felt I made the right choice, but I was still alone. Faithful? Not for me to decide. I had immunotherapy, repeated surgeries and chemical topical treatments. I did get sick from the Immunotherapy and never told anyone I didn’t need to , it was apparent I was sick. I lost twenty pounds, looked gray and had open lesions on my face. My fourlegged ones sat with me the whole time, dogs and cat, would have brought me ginger tea or gingerale if they could and my horse would scoop his neck under my arm and stand so very still next to me when I had the strength to visit him. My appearance was bizarre and I had people at church who avoided me when I could go to church. Even my priest avoided me. But not the people at the veterinarians’ office and local grocery store. they wanted to call my sister but she lives over five hundred miles from here.and was dealing with a tremendous problem of her own. I felt the only way I could be faithful to her was by putting on a “brave front”and being available by phone, email wasn’t available to my sister’s house back then (she lives rurally too). Faithfulness is a multi-wayed street for humans, was God faithful to me? YOU BET! I was at peace with my decision and felt His Strength through it all. My family didn’t need to know much less to interfere. Did I pray? Enough to move mountains (a dangerous thing in California, when we have earthquakes the mountains do move) Were my prayers answered? Yes. I have been melanoma free for twelve years now. Did my family find out how sick I was? Unfortunately yes. While the melanoma has been gone for twelve yeas so has my weight, it has never returned to normal, I am chronically underweight. (Don’t say.”Gee I wish I had that problem!”) Guilt feelings ,yes there are some but I don’t bring up unless they do. I tell my family, especially my sis “What could you do? We live far apart and we all have individual needs, it was a tough time and its over, I made my choice to handle this problem the best way I could. God sent me a very wonderful doctor and treatment. ” Were we faithful to each other? To a point. Were my needs met? Yes, by God. I realize I don’t need anything else.

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