Hello Friend! Day Eighteen

Hello Friend!

I suspect that those easy things to love can come from within me. I can be nice. I can be pleasant. I can even be tolerant.

We are all unloveable at times, especially myself. And when I am in a situation that goes beyond my own ability and strength to love, I know that I am tapping into God’s resources. It is then I know I am getting to that “true love”. It goes beyond my own limitations and comes directly from the heart of God. When I rely on my own capacity for love, I will fall short every time.

A lack of love in one’s life might explain unloving and ugly behavior, but it doesn’t excuse it. We have opportunities each day to show love to those around us in both simple and complex ways. Even though it is easy and requires little effort, let’s not just love the loveable. That isn’t very challenging — it doesn’t demonstrate God’s ability to transform our hearts and expand our capabilities. God’s love, through us, enlarges our hearts. And this is the love the world needs!

Beloved, let us love one another! 1 John 4:7a


One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Eighteen

  1. What a beautiful message on this tremendously sad day in the USA, two mass shootings in less than 48 hours. I don’t know the motives behind them but there are hints of mental dysfunction. Is it possible that the shooters were unloved or were they they so mentally ill that they couldn’t realize the pain they were causing? I wish I had an answer. Professionally I have had to deal with persons who are mentally ill and it is very frustrating because the person doesn’t comprehend reality. I don’t know if the shooters felt they were unloved or so very paranoid that they felt violence was their only answer to a frightening world. But Liz your message is both powerful and wonderful at the same time.

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