Hello Friend! Day Fifteen

Hello Friend!

Do you have a friend you can call on to refresh your heart? That person who can listen and encourage you when the day, week, or month has been more than you can bare?

There is nothing like a friend who hears your circumstance, will pray for you, and tell you the truth about God’s love! It is so essential for my heart! My circumstances may remain but a good friend helps me see beyond the situation and, hopefully, can help me see a Kingdom perspective.

A friend like this is a treasure. And if you have one, hold tight! They are worth more than their weight in gold.

Thank you, Father, for blessing me with amazing friends. When I lose my way or lose sight of You, I am thankful they will help me see You and the work You are doing in my life!


2 thoughts on “Hello Friend! Day Fifteen

  1. I am really blessed by friends who listen and care to spread our Lord and Savior’s message. Last year they helped me out during a very sad time and their focus was on comforting me and making sure I had any thing I needed in the “everyday realm”. On one particular day all I really needed in the everyday realm were paper towels. It is both the emotional and physical support that made a difference. (My cat knocked over a water dish and I needed paper towels to mop up.) Their continued faith based actions are so precious to me, exemplified by the simple action of lending me a roll of paper towels and their continued friendship. I remember that individuals can either be in the positive realm or the negative realm. I avoid the negative people, remain polite to them and try to show them by my actions what my faith is. The positive people are easier to be around but I feel that it is up to me to show a good example to the negative ones, after all I don’t know what has affected them in the past. I have dear persons I worked with who had to tolerate all circumstance and demonstrate our Lord’s message. A tall order. One used to say “You never know which actions or words do the communicating, be mindful of everything you do, you are here in Jesus’s place.” strongly grounding advice. The other said in his thick Yorkshire accent “I’ve a tongue in me mouth! I don’t want to serve pennance for it!” I was working in the Emergency Department when Vincent said that, explaining why he physically removed an irate visitor, calmly but loudly explaining , all the while holding the person by his shirt, why it was not the thing to do to try and hit the nurse(me). The visitor was clearly shaken by being held physically in one spot and receiving a tongue lashing, he came up to and meekly asked for my forgiveness. which I did but added “You will try harder in the future not repeat this.” The lesson I learned is that all actions and words have an impact, it is up to me to be an earthly example of my faith. Tall Order! I wish I could say I am able to do this all the time but I can’t. I’m still on the “Potter’s wheel.”

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