Charm is Deceptive


I have been mulling over the word “charming” lately.

Often Prince Charming is seen as a good guy — he sweeps a gal off her feet and takes care of her for the rest of her life. But being charming isn’t always a good thing. When someone wants something they  might manipulate by “turning on the charm”, batting their eyes, or somehow communicate that they want something from you.

Have you ever been charmed by someone? While I don’t always recognize it immediately, I often am able to sniff out that person who is working the crowd (or a vulnerable person) for their own gain. I can’t stand to watch it but it seems to be one of those things people need to learn how to recognize for themselves. Unfortunately, being burned once or twice by this type of person is the best way to learn. In fact, the sooner one learns the tricks a sycophant plays the better because when someone knows what you long for be it recognition, prestige, devotion, etc. they will be sure to create the opportunity to deliver it to you. And that makes one very vulnerable and compromises discernment.

Some things to think about:

Where are you vulnerable? Have you ever sensed someone trying to take advantage of you?

Have you ever been guilty of exploiting someone else’s vulnerabilities for your own gain?

As you ponder these questions, ask God to open your eyes to where you might be susceptible to be snared as well as when you may have manipulated someone else for your own benefit. And be cautious around those who are exceedingly charming. I suspect they are not up to much good.

On the Road,



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