Unexpected Adventure

Both Don and I grew up in single parent homes. Our dads died when we were quite young and our moms did not remarry. We didn’t have the up close and personal experience of watching the daily actions of our parents’ marriage but we have found our way. We have four fun kids and we are enjoying the adventure of our life together.
I am so glad we invested in our relationship over the years. Traveling 4444.4+ miles together in a loaded down Toyota Highlander since February 28th has been fun. We have met up with so many delightful and interesting people as we have traveled and had so many encouraging, fun, and faith-filled conversations! God’s people are everywhere and we have enjoyed spending time with so many of them — some we have known for over 30 years and some we have just met but felt like we have known for a long time. We have seen some beautiful areas of the United States and we have laughed a lot and learned a lot!

This trip was not something we have been planning for a long time, but sometimes unexpected journeys are the best because your eyes are wide open to see it all! We didn’t have any big expectations except that we were going on a trip to connect with some Hungarians in Phoenix and our travels took shape around that main goal.

You don’t have to travel 4000 miles to go on an adventure. Delving into your regular situations, your natural interests or having a friend that inspires you to explore something new might be enough! Sometimes just looking at where I am through the lens of faith helps me see the adventure of where I am — even if it might feel mundane or routine or even stressful. If I am in a situation that I am a little unsure about I have a tendency to ask God a few questions:

  • What are You doing here, Lord?
  • Is there something you want me to do here?
  • Is there something here You want me to learn?
  • Is there something I need to share?
  • Is there someone here I need to encourage?

And then I wait as the adventure plays out. God wastes nothing. He knows. He sees. He provides. He can use us each where we are and He can help us move to a better place without us having to pack a single box.

On the Road,


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