Time for friendships…

I appreciate the variety of friends God has brought into my life! And while strong friendships do not need daily, weekly or even monthly contact, it is important to check in on occasion.

Is there one person you miss and haven’t been in touch with in the last year or more? If you are like me, there are probably many more than just one. But take this as an encouragement to commit to connecting with one person this week with a homemade card, a handwritten letter, a text, a phone call or a visit.

I was able to do just that within the last week…a long overdue conversation with a dear dear friend. It started with a text…and moved to a possible day to connect…then switched to another day…but it finally happened and was a wonderful pause in a busy week! It was a blessing and encouragement to both of us!

Has someone special crossed your mind yet?

Are you waiting for a friend to contact you? Consider making the first move! True friendships don’t always have to be tit for tat on connecting. I have a lot of grace when it comes to friendships because there are many times in my own life when the seasons have been so busy and it takes some time to come out of it and look around and see beyond the immediate needs of small children, aging parents, illness, job changes, etc. If we haven’t been in touch within the last year, well, it has been awfully crazy for me so I assume it has been at least a little crazy for you too.

If you are a little behind in your connecting, pick one friend a month (that’s 12 for 2014) to connect with via a phone call or a letter. And by the end of this year you will be on your way to catching up!

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