What is in Your Food?

It’s the talk these days, you know. Pink slime and GMO’s and pesticides. It is overwhelming to watch the videos and read the books but I do what I can. It is important. Not all food is created equal. The healthiest food has the least processing, the fewest additives, and is organic. More fruits and veggies and legumes, please. I like my grains processed as little as possible. Fast food is something to stay away from, even though it’s cheap and puts something in a hungry belly.

And so it is with religious institutions. Even Christian ones. Are you in a place where, as God’s Word is preached, it is infused with man-made additives that distract and pollute? Are you finding the lists of things to stay away from are longer than the lists of things we are called to do? Are you being taught things that might seem reasonable but aren’t actually biblical?

Take a look at your spiritual food supply. Is someone trying to control yours? It is important that you question when things are presented as God’s law but truly are not. Ask questions, seek counsel from others, and do not simply surround yourself with people all taught by the same human authority figure. This isn’t easy, but if you are so involved in a “like-minded” group that no one is in a position to discern a problem, it is important to step out and ask trustworthy others about your concerns.

Regular food is important. Spiritual food is important. If someone is messing with your food, you need to address it. Don’t blindly trust the USDA, the FDA, or some person in position of authority who does not allow himself or herself be accountable to others. If you know of people caught up in this sort of situation, pray for them. Pray for God and His pure and unadulterated Truth to reach them. And if they come knocking on your door for insight, show them the pure Gospel.

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