More Missions & Missionaries

Do you know someone serving in an “outside the US” mission field or planning to go on a short term in 2013? Have you considered praying for them on a regular basis?

Here are some PrayerPoints for missionaries to get your mind thinking. I am sure God will bring more to mind if you just ponder it for a few minutes.

language acquisition
cultural awareness and sensitivity
separation from US family
relationship development
culinary adjustments
climate acclimation

Being a missionary to a foreign land takes much more obedience then just saying “Yes, send me!” Intercessory pray-ers are essential. Fund raising is necessary. If you have been invited to support a short or long term missionary in some way, prayerfully consider the offer. Even if you haven’t been personally been asked to support someone, hopefully your church is sponsoring some a missionary or some sort of mission work. Expand your world by connecting with a missionary. Your connection will definitely be an encouragement to them but will most likely change you in the process.

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PrayerPoints by Liz

PrayerPoints is typically a Lenten project and a chronicle of God working on my heart and mind. It is always a process. God is always teaching me! I am American born with Hungarian blood. I make plenty of mistakes but I am forgiven. Each day is an adventure.

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