Fishing: Access Points & Equipment

(part 3 of 5)

Access Points: Some people fish along the shore–but not every shore is accessible so there are docks and boats if you want to change up your approach. Of course, it also matters what kind of fish you  want to catch. Deep sea fishing is much different than kayaking on a little reclaimed strip mine lake in southern Indiana which is different than fly-fishing in Poudre Canyon, Colorado. You need to decide if you will be next to the water, on the water, or in the water because that determines the rest of what you need to bring along. But one thing remains true–you need to go where the fish are….they don’t come to you ~ unless you are in an area with Asian carp and then they will try to jump in your boat!!!

God calls us to carry His message to many places. Where is He equipping and directing you for service? 
Equipment: What are the “tools of the trade” for a fisherman? There are fishing poles and small nets, large nets, and fishing traps. I am sure there is much more I haven’t mentioned. But you can own all the bells and whistles for fishing equipment and still not catch any fish. I think it is important to settle on a few basic tools and learn how to improvise from there. What works for one person isn’t always the best thing for another. And what works for deep sea fishing isn’t really useful from the shore. 

What tools has God given you — uniquely craft during your lifetime of circumstances and experiences? Have you considered your faith in God’s work in your life is the most important piece of equipment you carry into the ministry He is doing through you?

While I do not like to give satan too much credit, it is important to keep some awareness of his desire and goal to tear down and block God’s Kingdom work and distract God’s people. Take note–satan also uses various access points and equipment. Some of it the very same as you or I might be working with which might be confusing for those who are not yet able to discern between God’s activity and satan’s.

Spend some time in prayer thanking God for your history. We each have difficult things in our past but I believe He is knitting together our past with our present for work He has for our future. Who knows? You may be called to fish from the shore but you may also be called to do some deep sea fishing!  Follow His lead!

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