Don Kayaking
Don Kayaking

(part 1 of 5)

I am not a big fisherman but Don, my husband, always enjoys fishing. He enjoys being out in nature and mostly  enjoys the challenge but considers himself just a recreational fisherman. A few years ago we bought Don a kayak so he could fish from on the water instead of next to it.  Don has a few different poles and a tackle box full of lures and sometimes he even buys a tub of night crawlers. Don catches a few fish on occasion but he doesn’t keep any because he is a big catch-and-release guy.  Here are the things Don takes into consideration when he goes fishing:

Licence: This let’s Don fish legally. He doesn’t leave home without it!
Location: Ideally, Don is trying to find hungry fish or at least ones who will “take the bait”.
Access point: Don has fished next to the water but wasn’t successful so he moved to “on” the water. Some people fish from “in” the water.
Equipment: Don has various poles he takes out when he fishes. He switches it up for variety but he also likes to have a “back up” in case something goes wrong with his favorite.
Lures: He’s got a tackle box full of shiny, tempting things.
Bait: Sometimes he will use minnows and earthworms but not very often.
Intention: Even though he is a catch-and-release guy there is no denying it, some fish do get wounded in this process.
Over the next few days we look at the tools of the trade for fishing from a different vantage point. For now, pray for those who fish for their livelihood.  I imagine it can be a very dangerous job.

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